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About us


SCE is an expert in Nordic ecological building design, consulting and implementation. We have a solid 30 years of experience in the industry. Our special expertise is e.g. real estate development, sports halls, industrial or commercial office and residential buildings, and total leisure real estate solutions.

In design, we follow the principles of Nordic construction and take pride in taking Finnish design work to the world. Our solutions are functional and economically comprehensive on the principle of sustainable development.

Our international project team has extensive experience in multinational deliveries. We specialize in the CIS and Chinese markets. We offer multilingual professional expertise and solid experience as well as a design service to international investors and end users.


Digitization solutions

The data economy is a new way of doing business. In the future, competitive advantage will be achieved by developing the most efficient business platform by utilizing various technologies and information as a facilitator of communication, data transfer and trading.

We help customers develop and provide digital solutions for business purposes and bring added value by utilizing our digital systems in the sports environment, e.g. in hockey and football.

Reliable partnership

  • More than 30 years of consulting and management experience in construction and other projects
  • High quality international contact network
  • Finding the right international partners is our special expertise
  • A safe starting point for successful internationalization projects

Construction Consulting

  • Architectural and building design projects

  • Digital solutions related to business

  • The starting point is to achieve the customer’s goals

Innovative sports statistics

Commercialization of digital solutions


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