Solventti Slogan

Solventti Consulting and Engineering SCE Oy (Y-2325924-2), shortened as SCE is a Finnish company established in 1999.

SCE is an expert in Nordic ecological building design, engineering, consultation and implementation.

Our solutions are based on sustainable and cost-effective overall expertise.

We offer over 20 years of experience in international turnkey project deliveries.

SCE´s office is located in the capital city os. Niittyläntie 1, 00620 Helsinki.

Our target markets are in Europe, Russia and China.

Our project deliveries include consulting, design, engineering, implementation and high tech solutions.

Our special expertise is, for example, sports halls, industrial or commercial office and residential buildings and complete leisure solutions.

The organic sustainability of solutions is central to our operational strategy.

Multilingual (English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Swedish, German, Finnish and Russian) professional design and engineering services are available to investors and international clients.

Solventti Consulting & Engineering (SCE) carries out projects cost-effectively as a guarantee.